I go by the name of Adam but most of the group know me as the old fellow who is a regular attender at all munches and events. As the years roll by I have made a conscious decision to try all aspects of a sexual nature, I would rather die with a great memory than wondering what I had missed.

As this journey has progressed I have been amazed at the great people I have met and from such a broad social background. The more people that I talk too I'm slowly learning that this is a life long commitment to understand my own Fetish along with all the other people who embrace the Fetish world.

I don't place myself in a box, so can't say if I'm a 'sub' or a 'dom'. in fact I don't think it really matters, I just enjoy the company of like minded friends.

I once thought that I alone was some strange deviant person with what seemed weird fantasies that seemed to change over time, but now I have put these way into the past. To meet, talk and play with friends is to share your Fantasy and listen to their Fantasy is one great experience.

It is a very sobering experience to understand that you are not alone and that there many people out there with the same or similar desires. One very strong message that has come through to me is that these are all people who think outside the square and are not afraid to take the first step to achieve their secret desires. The respect and tolerance shown to other members of this community makes me proud to be part of such a widely diverse group of people. Adam.